Villa Fulmin...

                   a place where old meets modern...

Villa Fulmin is a 4 star villa, located in Malo Grablje village, 6 km away from Hvar town in Hvar island. Villa is 2 km away from Milna bay where you can find 3 pebble beaches. This little gem is hidden in the hills, surrounded by pure nature and stone houses.

Malo Grablje was completely abandoned in 1957 when local people decided that it's a time to move on, to settled somwhere more nearer to the shore and nearer to the main town so they moved  south, in Milna bay. Nowadays there is a paved road that connects Malo Grablje to the rest of the island. So it can be easily reached from Milna or Hvar or any place on the island.

What makes this villa so special? We inbreathe in this old stone house a new life. We decided that is a time that Malo Grablje shines again. This is the only renovated house in this village and the only place you can stay in while visiting this ethno-eco village...

There is a restaurant - Konoba Stori Komin few meters away from Villa. Our family has a long experience in tourism bussiness (we own a Hotel Fortuna in Milna bay, and Aurora house in Jelsa) but this house is the highlight that proves that our commitment to guests was and still is much more than just a job...

Our house was silent for so long so it is time now for some new laughs and stories...

We are waiting for you....

Yours sincerely,

Tudor family


Malo Grablje 2,

21450 Hvar,

Hvar island, Croatia

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phone numbers: + 385 21 745 002

                        + 385 99 691 5353

                        + 385 91 501 9552