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What about Tudors and Malo Grablje? There is a legend according which our ancestors from Malo Grablje were related to Henry VIII and his family...but that is only a nice story to tell your children before bed...let's be realistic...

Villa Fulmin was our family house, a born place of our grandfather and his family. This house raised so many children, some of them left Malo Grablje and moved to America for a better life... Living in Malo Grablje was tough...everyone; men, women, children worked so hard from dawn to dusk...

Day started early; at 4 am already, fully equipped on the donkey they rode to the fileds where they used to have vineyards, olive trees and lavanda. All day long and all year around they will took care of those goods, so that later they can do an exchange; they will sell olive or lavanda oil or wine in exchange to some flour, and other living neccessities. 

It is time to inbreathe some new and fresh air in this hidden gem... Our family has a long experience in tourism bussiness so we decided to expand our tradition... We renovated completely our family house into luxury villa so that first time ever after long time of waiting Malo Grablje comes back to life, again... Thank you!

Tudor family...


Malo Grablje 2,

21450 Hvar,

Hvar island, Croatia

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